Thursday, 17 June 2010

P.M. ...17/06/2010

Gentlefolk, I fell asleep on the bus. Now this isn't really that big a deal, I fall asleep on the way home quite a bit. And so do you I suspect. Its one of the few benefits of not driving. There's just something about being transported in air conditioning isn't there? Its almost undemocratic not to nod off every once in a while. I mean seriously, just what are you trying to prove?!
Anyways, I'm quite happy about this. To be perfectly honest with you good people, I hadn't the faintest idea what to write about. I experienced what I believe is known as writer's block. But c'mon gentlefolk, I'm no writer. So we'll say I had jackass's block.
I tried to write, I couldn't think of a damn thing to say. Today was the most normal of days. It was the definition of average. Absolutely nothing spetacular or specific occured today. Okay, the CEO's girl wore something quite interesting, but in the end, all I got was a stiffy. And not like it was a super stiffy either, it was a nice relaxed gentleman's boner.
Okay, the Super Eagles fucked up as usual. But again, their display and ensuing result was expected. So I wasn't moved in the least. I do however wish I could meet that Kaita chap. Those vuvuzela things could be put to use as a torture tool as well. Especially when surgically inserted up a fool's backside.
So gentlefolk, today was totally normal, and I was fucked. I had no idea what to tell you, or how to explain it, so I did what any writer who is concerned about his reader's would do... I said fuck it and I fell asleep. It was a stroke of genius gentlefolk, I wish I had thought of it before... Or at all. I was just sleepy.
I think I was out for about an hour (you gotta love gidi traffic) and when I woke up, I looked out the window and I had no idea where I was. Apparently, there's traffic everywhere and the driver took an alternative route. This may all seem like nothing to write about people, but its the biggest adventure I've had in such a long time. This sounds strange, yes, but you must understand, I lead an extremely boring life.
And so do you people. Let's be rational, when was the last time you did anything new or fun? Not going for drinks or hanging out or even getting laid. I mean proper new. When was the last time you were somewhere else? I realised when I woke up that in the past year, my life has revolved around the area I live in, the area I work in and the areas my closest friends live in. In a nutshell, Festac, the Island and Ikeja. That's it. No matter what I'm doing, I'm doing it in one of these 3 places. I'm bored.
That's why I was so excited when I woke up and found myself in the middle of Surulere (got my bearings eventually). I haven't been in 'Lere at night for naybe 6 years now. And certainly not that part of 'Lere.
People, we need to break away from the norm. Every once in a while, we should do some exploring. Do something new. And I said 'something', not 'someone'. Don't get me wrong, I would love to hide my snake in a different monkey shadow every night, but that just isn't enough. My grandmum told me that the most fun days of my life were back in school and that I should not expect to rediscover that. I fear she is right. When I really thought about it, I haven't felt alive in years, and this makes me unhappy. I am an adult now, and thus I must live, work and act as such. I am bored.
Gentlefolk, I know this post isn't particularly amusing, but I have managed to depress myself. Without the help of the bank. Hopefully Ill wake up in a better mood tomorrow.
I am Womilee, goodnight.

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