Friday, 16 July 2010

A.M. ...16/07/2010

Good morning good people. TGIF. It finally came. The opposite of monday. Friday is Cinderella, the beautiful, but long suffering step sister of Monday and the rest of the week. Those ugly bitches. Despite the incredible amount of fatigue I feel, I can still do a lil dance. My one-two, fuck you its friday dance.
That just came out of nowhere! Did you see it too? We have a new emotion for today! Cmon, celebrate with me. From here on end, we shall have 2 manners to express our friday happiness. For those who share our happiness, those who are like us, happy people, we shall wish them TGIF. And for those who have upset us during the week, our bosses, colleagues, random hating muthafuckers or anyone who you just don't like cos he/she is just too goddamn ugly, we shall say to them FYIF! Fuck You, its Friday!
You have no idea how good this feels to me gentlefolk. I've come up with a new one... and I didn't even have to get high, drunk, horny or angry. This is a breakthrough in personality trait for me. The board must be consulted!
I cannot wait for today to end. As I said on wednesday, the week had flown by. It was a wonderful blur. For the first time, I can't remember most of what I did during it. I vaguely recall getting upset over something or someone... Then there was a memo I had to reply to... That's it! Everything else has been completely wiped out of my memory. Blessings from above. Or maybe I was abducted by memory eradicating aliens... Fuck it, I guess that's better than anal probing aliens any day.
Something I wrote up there has just struck me. I realise now that my psychological states actually do comprise of or vary between high, drunk, horny or angry. Sometimes, a combination of all 4 of them. The first two only happen on weekends of course, even I am not irresponsible enough to get wasted during the week. But yet again, I digress. There has to be another side to Womilee. It scares me that all that I am can basically be summed up in to inebriated and emotionally unstable. You all must help me here. We must strive together to discover a new dimension to Womilee. I suggest we embark upon this journey starting this weekend, over drinks and weed. This invitation is only open to beautiful women by the way....
Good people, I do not have much to say for now. Its been an uneventful week, thank God for that. Let's see what happens at the end of business today.
Don't forget thought, its either TGIF or FYIF.
We'll be speaking.
I am Womilee.

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