Friday, 2 July 2010

P.M. ... 02/07/2010

Thank God its friday. You people don't understand though. This isn't a TGIF thing here, really thank the Almighty for finally bringing the end of the week. Thank Him, praise his holy name, bless him for ending the week finally. I swear down, I'd go to church right now and give a testimony, but I might faint if I over exercise myself right now.
Gentlefolk I am tired. I'm totally fagged out. I'm knackered. I'm bushed. What other word is there? Today was frightening gentlefolk. You know how when you suddenly discover a use for something lying around your house? Like "fuck, I can convert this old curtain into a cloth for the ironing table". That's exactly what happened today. It felt like the bank just realised I was there, and decided to get their money's worth. Every kobo I've ever earned in that place has been taken back today. I have never worked so goddamn hard in my life. I'm aching in places you only hear about on the Discovery channel.
My legs, back, neck, brain... The only place that doesn't hurt right now is my dick. And that's cos he hasn't had to do any form of work in ages. Ladies, Ill do anything for a massage right now. A 'happy ending' is not complusory, but will be much appreciated.
My word I can't stop thanking God its friday. I'm not even bothering about not having work tomorrow or wearing a suit, I'm just happy I get to sleep till late. Speaking of wearing suits, gentlefolk why do all men think they look good in them? I'm currently waiting for a bus to show up (from another galaxy apparently) and there are these two dickheads all suited up. By 8.30pm. On a friday nite. People, not to blow my own horn (that's just disgusting), but you'll be hard pressed to find someone who looks better in a suit than yours truly... Let me rephrase, you'll be hard pressed to find someone that makes suits look as good as I do. But at this time, after the week I've had?! I almost burnt my damn suit after work. I can't stand to look at it right now. Its mocking me.
Now I'm considering asking the Blues Bros over hear if they're maybe heading to a wedding. Job interview? Possibly a formal dinner. Cos I really can't fathom as to why their suit jackets are still on and ties still knotted. Is it some kind of fashion statement? Are these gentlemen celebrities? Are there paparazzi cameras nearby just waiting to catch a glimpse of the Men in Black over here? If this is the case, then fuck it, I can slip my jacket back on and start sauntering around like a gay peacock too. Dammit I'm going to a wedding tomorrow and I'll be damned if I wear a suit. Yes they do look good (on me that is, not Victor and Hugo here) but its out of the question. I leave anything that reminds me of work alone on weekends. That includes clothing, BRT buses, colleagues etc. The only thing my weekdays and weekends have in common is no sex. That I can't seem to curb.
Dammit people, I'm tired. I need a holiday. I'm not talking about 2 weeks of sitting at home watching tv and sxratching the balls. I mean a proper vacation, with new people, new locations, lots of booze and illegal drugs. Some hallucinogens maybe. I'm actually nodding off typing this. And its almost time to put it up. I fear then goodfolk, I shall just dispense the suggestions for the week and call it a weekend. Shall we?
1. Music: rap heads, The Dynasty, Roc La Familia. You truly gentlefolk, Tony Braxton's The Heat. And my in betweens, The Fugees The Score is a classic.
2. Movies: find Equilibrium. It made me feel like a child again. But that's not really an achievement people. My friends have long been of the opinion that I'm a 12 year old.
3. Books: a bit of the macabre this time. Stephen King's It. Scared the shit out of me when I was younger, hope it does that to you too.
4. Sex: Yes. Simple as that.
Gentlefolk, I wish I had more to say tonight, but there seems to be a head nodding competition happenning in this bus and I don't want to be left out. Ill see you all monday. Have a good weekend good people.
I am Womilee..thank GOD its friday...

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  1. Darn! You just made me laugh very hard. Interesting writing and the stuff that happens in your life is interesting too.

    I should read your blog often.

    If you're really serious on that holiday tip tho, I've got something in the works. 4 Days, 3 Nights in Dubai for the first week in August. You should check it out.

    Be easy man.