Saturday, 7 August 2010


Good people, I will be short and sweet. A number of you already know I'm about to go into semi-retirement. I enjoy writing this blog. I enjoy reading the comments it gets. Lord knows I enjoy all the female attention that has come my way from the beginning. It has all been wonderful. But there is a problem. I am un-interested.
I now understand why it takes some artists years to release a new album. Why it takes writers years to publish a new book. To be honest with you gentlefolk, the past 2 weeks have been a herculean effort for me. I simply do not have anything to write about. I have been scraping the bottom of the depraved barrel that is my mind for a while now, just to give you all something to enjoy. But I fear I have not succeeded. The truth is simple, but bitter. I have been boring my readers. Yet, this is not the worst part. What upsets me the most, is that I have been boring myself. I used to enjoy writing this thing. Now it seems like a burden. At first, I couldn't wait to tell you good people the thoughts floating around in my head. Now its like 'oh fuck, I gotta write today....'
So my people, my comrades, my gentlefolk, my Womileeans, I regret to announce I am leaving again. And this time, it will be for a longer time than the last. I am going to find inspiration. I'm going to absorb everything around me, going to explore new opportunities. And I'm going to get laid too.
But I require your assistance gentlefolk. I need your help. I cannot do it alone. I am asking for suggestions good people. Tell me what you would like to read about. Tell me what you'd like to hear. Baby, tell me what you want me to do to you. Send me an email, hit me up on twitter, comment on this very post. Let me know what it is you would like me to turn into madness.
On the upside, I hear I've sprouted all sorts of mini-me's. Everyone and they mama now has a blog. I've read (or tried to read) some. And I reserve my comments. I'm no expert, but.... Again, no comment.
My final hurrah will not be complete without our weekly dance.....
Music: I used to be such an Eminem fan. I do not like his new shit though, so for my hard heads, The Marshal Mathers LP is a fucking classic. My gentler gentlefolk, Norah Jones's Come Away With Me is beautiful. Look for a song called Turn Me On in particular. Its so fucking sexy. And for you in-betweens, Elephant Man's Good 2Go. Seriously. The album was awesome.
Movies: I am a child. I admit it. Equilibrium was fucking cool. Yes it had un-realistic stunts, and a more than ridiculous story line. But gun martial arts?! Come on, how could I not love it? Again, I am a child.
Books: go get an Archie, a Peanuts. Get a comic dammit! Just cos its a cartoon, doesn't mean its not mature. I think. And if anyone out there still has TinTin's, I will do anything you want.
Sex: not to worry good people, I guarantee the next time we meet, I would have gotten someone pregnant.
Goodbye my people, I hope to see you soon.
I am Womilee, ill miss you.


  1. I have tin tin...ALL the books. iKid u NOT! #okbye

  2. I love the tin tin books too, read them as a child. Someone doesn't like Mondays, lol..

  3. Awww Womilee, I'll miss you so much. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this blog,however, I understand what you mean by not having anything to write about! A little of it might have to do with how much we expect of U! Have fun, and keep inspiring all of us lazy a$$es around Lagos! :d

  4. please come back!!!! i'm addicted 2 reading ur blog already!!!1

  5. I got my TinTin books from Laterna Ventures in Victoria Island btw!!!