Thursday, 25 August 2011

In one of my posts in this blog, I did a little intro about time. I likened time to boiling an egg, Jack Bauer and twitter. But really, when you think about it, time is much more than the readings and measurements on a clock, watch or sundial. Time isn't 2.30pm or 6.00am. Time is so much more.
Time is the continual passage of life. Time is a realization of existence. You see time when you look at your face or hands, and spot a wrinkle or a bulging vein that you can swear wasn't there yesterday. Its the understanding that even the most minor cuts and bruises on your skin don't heal as fast as they used to. Time happens when a friday night comes around and you can't even muster the will, let alone the strength, to go out and have a bit of fun.
Time is that nagging headache that comes after just a little bit of hard work. Its the swelling ankle that you thought was an old sprain acting up, but then the doctor tells is a stress related pain and you that your blood pressure is too high. You're there thinking "yo,when did I start fucking with high blood pressure?!" But all this while, its just Time happening.
All the above are of course also age related, so let me lean a little harder on Time.
Time makes you listen to more soft music and less hardcore rap. It convinces one of your closest friends, someone you grew up with and have had so many good and bad moments with, to suddenly cut off all communication with you, because in their opinion, you're not as mature or focused as they are. All of a sudden, everyone is getting married or having babies. Everyone is in some sort of committed relationship, and even though you've been the biggest advocate of the single life, every once in a while, you too start to wonder if getting a significant other is the way to go. Time is such a fucking bitch.
Everyday, I look at the clock in the office, wondering when 4 o'clock will come around, just waiting for a particular time to come, so that I can wrap up and go home. Unfortunately, this is just a nasty trick, because exactly 24 hours from then, I'll be looking at that same fucking clock, waiting for the exact same time to come around so that I can do the exact same thing I did yesterday. What's the use? Its like being in a weird dream, looking in a mirror, just to see your reflection looking in a mirror, in which that reflection is looking in a mirror, in which.....
Time takes away the people and things you love. In all our eyes, our parents haven't aged a day, they look exactly the same as the very day, 28 years ago, when you first opened your eyes and saw them. But this is an illusion. If you look just a little closer, you'll see Time trying to rob you of what's yours. Your mother suddenly looks like an old woman. Your grandmother, who just yesterday was bouncing you on her knee, has somehow lost 80% of her vision, can't walk around her own house anymore, for fear of bumping into random objects and now needs you to take care of her. How the hell are you supposed to do that?! You're just a fucking kid...., but look in the mirror, and time will tell you otherwise. Time is taking away your life slowly but surely. Its forcing you to become what you're nowhere near ready to become.
There's always been stories and tales of Time machines. Devices to pull us back through time and space. I wish someone would fucking invent one already. If I have to contribute the meager salary I earn for the next 10 years towards the creation of such a machine, I would gladly do so. Cos I know that when the machine is finally built, I'd hop right in and fuck off to back when things were all good.
Drake said 'I'm urging all daughters to kiss they mothers/ with those lips that all that lipstick covers/ you never too grown up to miss and hug her/'. This doesn't apply to just the ladies. Everyone, grab everyone you know and love and take a picture. Record every fucking moment you can with them, cos only the Good Lord knows when Time is gonna try and take them from you.
I'm so very sorry, I think I may have depressed you beautiful people again. My bad.
I am Womilee, and I'm running out of fucking time.....