Wednesday, 23 June 2010

A.M. ... 23/06/2010

Gentlefolk, inspiration can come from anywhere. You could have entirely different plans and programmes prepared, but then somthing totally unknown affects you and changes the pattern. This morning I was prepared to give you such a rant, inspired by last night's loss. I was going to suggest torture techniques, disembowlement, genocide and middle finger signs at family members. It would have been spectacularly vulgur and violent. But the inspiration hit, and now I am subdued. Gentlefolk I have found my muse.
I have again decided to take the 2nd bus to work this morning, and as usual, they are all beautiful. The ugliest of them can get it. Easily. They are that fine. But there is one gentlefolk. She stands out so clearly. She is my muse. She is light skinned,of average height, she has strong looking legs. An ample chest, a beautiful face and an even more beautiful ass. I think I'm in love. Unfortunately, I fear she has had this effect on someone else already, who acted faster than the rest of us. She has a ring on her finger.
Its rare to fall in love and get heart-broken in such a short space of time, but that's exactly what has happened to me. Truthfully, I admire her husband. He has balls, big brass balls. Because if she was my wife, I swear down I wouldn't let her out of my sight. I'd beg her not to work, I will slave for the two of us. The risk of another man seeing her is too great. I wouldn't be able to take any chances. If she insists on getting a job, I'd bribe, kill, cheat to find a way to get her into what ever company I am employed under, just to make sure other fools don't get near her. I know what you're thinking... Most organisations do not allow persons who are related to each other work together. I have a solution to that. I will gladly change my surname. I will go to a court of law, ask to be renamed and if it is inquired as to why I want to change the name given to me by my father, I will simply say "Dude, have you seen my wife?!"
I want to tell her she's perfect. But it'll be a waste of my time. She isn't blind, she probably knows. So I have decided not to take this bus again, its one thing to get my heart broken once, but getting it broken every morning is just sadism. So, if she ever reads this, light-skin in the red shirt and black skirt, you are beautiful.
As I said, I've been inspired. So, this post is for the ladies. I love you all. I've often said, women are proof of divine existence. You are evidence that there is a God. No man, no matter how brilliant could have come up with the concept of a woman. There are too many parameters to consider. Your minds, the way you smile, the switch in your walk, the smell of you, the incredibly irrational way you think and talk, and your bodies. Dammit the female body is a work of art. Granted, there are some sketch drawings, some modern art, even some cartoonish caricatures...but there are also some classics. Some of you should be considered as invaluable pieces.
How can you explain some female bodies? Sometimes, when I'm teasing and flirting, I ask for a touch and the ansewer I get (apart from the usual 'gerrout!' or 'I'll slap you!') is "my body is the temple of God, don't touch." Ladies, I have no doubt about the sanctity of your bodies, I bless His name everyday for giving you to us. What I'm asking is, let me worship in that temple. I want to sing praises, clap my hands, use big words and scam people off their money in that temple. I want to be the high-priest of that temple.
I love girls, girls, girls, girls. Think of all the songs that have been written about women. RnB singers have always gotten their inspiration from you all. And rappers got in on the act, pioneered by Uncle LL Cool J. Infact, I made a playlist dedicated to you. It is aptly named Songs About Girls. I would love to play it for any of you someday. But the classics only, I don't need no fine art up in my business.
See what one beautiful woman can do? I was angry, and now I'm wrtitng a love note to women at large. The gentlemen out there, I'm sorry, but really fuck y'all. I know you understand, you probably feel the same way too.
Hopefully though, today I will not be similarly affected by anymore women, and be back to my usual self. Now I must go, I think her stop is next, and I want to watch her walk away.
I am Womilee, and Damn!


  1. LoL....this woman appreciates YOUUUU!!! Lav EEET as usual...

  2. So does this one, you are good man at being crass and vulgar and also a gentleman. Love you stuff. Its guaranteed to lift woteva mood I'm in. Its my bday and reading this piece made me feel special thanks :)