Friday, 4 June 2010

A.M. .... Introduction

Let me explain the name. One day, a few months back, I cl
osed my eyes on a friday evening, thinking to myself "TGIF!" If u don't know wat that means by the way, you're wasting your time reading this. Anyways, so there I am celebrating the temporary relief from the slavery known as my job, when barely 48 seconds later I open my eyes, and its monday! Ok I may be exaggerating the time frame... I guess it was 48 hours later, who keeps track of time anyways?! But that's besides the point. The real problem here is the speed and efficiency with which the weekend passes. It just blows by! When I woke up that monday morning, the first thing that came to my head was "WHAT THE FUCK?!" I could vividly recall the enthusiasm that I felt on friday, I even remembered the little dance I broke into as I left the office, giving my boss the finger (behind his back of course). I can honestly say that I remembered every second of the week, but for the life of me, the weekend just didn't bring anything to mind. I thought to my self "TGIM?" But let's face it, wat sadist thanks God its monday? Anyone in a healthy and rational state of mind TGIFs, but I've never heard a person go "yes, monday! Sweet!" No. People curse the devil for mondays, they quarrel with their spouses out of frustration on monday mornings, they look in the mirror and loathe the person looking back at them on these days. I first blessed the name of the soul who coined the TGIF phrase... Then I decided I too should go down in (in, not on) the annals of history, coining a phrase best suited to my present sentiments on the beginning of the week. And I must admit, it was all too easy. I just looked inside my hurt soul and thought "GIM!!! GOD
DAMMIT, its Monday!!!"
I know I'm not the only one out there. I'm not Neo. We are many, we are legion. We of the laid back frame of mind. We who are better suited to Tshirts and shorts, not suits and ties. Playstations, not workstations. Soft couches, not leather office chairs. TV screens not desktop screens. It is for us whom I complain for.
My name is Womilee, I am a junior level banker in Lagos, Nigeria, and I'm tired. I'm tired of my cubicle, I'm tired of my boss, I'm tired of waking up by 5 in the morning and I'm tired of this damn suit... I should not be here.
I will be here every morning and every evening to tell you how I feel. Please tell me your's too. I don't really care, but I figure you should get something out of this. This is the first ever A.M. edition, Ill talk to you later in the first ever P.M edition.
By the way, I thought it would be cool if the first edition of GODDAMMIT ITS MONDAY or GIM was written on a friday, I think you might understand at the end of the day what I'm on about. See you this evening.


  1. ull make a good script writter for hollywood...seriously!